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With roots going back to 1962, Tanmiah has grown over the decades to employ more than 2000 people. Our team has built a market leading, best in class, efficient and fully integrated business that now operates across the GCC and beyond.
Our commitment to excellence begins at our farms, moves seamlessly through our processing and distribution, and ends with the smile of satisfaction on the face of a consumer. Ever since our first chickens hatched nearly 60 years ago, we have focused on being superb at what we do. This ethos is shared by all our employees.
Tanmiah’s headquarters is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Tanmiah operates
84 farms, six hatcheries, and one feed mill within Saudi Arabia and two slaughterhouses, three food processing plants and 13 dry and cold storage facilities located across Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In addition, Tanmiah sells its products in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, and Lebanon through a network of distributors, wholesalers, and retailers.
Supported by its sector leading experience and efficient business model, Tanmiah will invest in increased farming, processing, and other capacity to drive revenue growth. Our asset-light philosophy, focusing on leasing facilities rather than buying them, enables us to expand fast, flexibly and in the right locations.

The opportunity


Asset-light model means we lease our farms and primary processing facilities, which will enable us to bring on new ones quickly without major Capex and in the locations that we prefer.


Our excellent financial position and successful listing put us in a strong position to finance expansion that does require Capex. For this we expect to rely on our own resources and debt financing.


Our integrated business model of farming, production and distribution supports streamlined operations, cost efficiencies and quality control.


The market for our products is growing, supported by an expanding population, rising consumer spending and the growing popularity of fresh chicken with consumers.


Saudi government policies are favorable for Tanmiah including the drive for more poultry self- sufficiency.

Shareholding structure (as at 2021)


The Business Model

Tanmiah Food Company serves as a holding company for its business units and subsidiaries whose core activities consist of four principal business segments. Tanmiah operates in a growing defensive sector supported by direct and indirect government initiatives as part of Vision 2030. A growing population coupled with strong consumer spending positions the company to increase its share of a market that is expanding.


As a fully integrated food producer, Tanmiah operates all critical production stages in-house. This allows for streamlined operations and reduced production costs, ensuring optimal breeding and feeding decisions and ultimately higher quality products.


Tanmiah is committed to environmental and social sustainability through the Company’s Giving, Earning and Sustaining model. The three principles cover initiatives in several areas including:

  • Solid waste and wastewater recycling
  • Soil conservation - our Bio-Char initiative helps convert desert into cultivable land in addition to renewable energy from waste.
  • Tree plantation - one million trees initiative, to be achieved by 2025
  • Solid waste converted to compost from hatcheries will be used as fertilizer or sold.
  • Hiring and training of orphans with the support of Kayan NGO and People with disabilities in collaboration with Sa3ee association.